J. Rhett Mayor, PhD

Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. J. Rhett Mayor has extensive entrepreneurial experience with product-oriented technology startups and in leading and managing advance research and development projects. Over the past three years he has raised nearly $2 million in funding for DHX. As a leading academic in the field of electro-mechanical design and micro-manufacturing at the Georgia Tech, Dr. Mayor focused on advanced electro-mechanical design efforts in power electronics cooling, electric machines design. He has published over 80 papers in archival journals and peer-reviewed conference proceedings, and has several patents pending. He is a member of the ASME, IEEE and a senior member of the SME.

S. Andrew Semidey, PhD

Co-Founder, Vice President of Technology & Innovation

Dr. S. Andrew Semidey oversees the innovation,  customization, and scaling of the company’s ultra-high torque density electric motors.  He holds a PhD and Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, from the Georgia Tech, specializing in thermal sciences. His PhD thesis addressed the thermal design and optimization of electric motors, incorporating the advanced DWHX™ cooling technology. His research work has led to several papers pertaining to the advanced modeling and estimation of the thermal response in electric machines using parametric finite-difference techniques. His work has been published in prominent conferences and journals including IEEE, IES, and ASME.

Su Mayor

Co-Founder, Vice President of Operations & Marketing

Su Mayor specializes in managing the operations of high value engineering startups in addition to developing unique marketing strategies and producing media content for small to mid-size engineering companies. She has extensive experience in film and media production having worked on major studio commercials, studio film and television productions, using her experience to create all DHX media in-house. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a concentration in Economics & Finance from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Video from Georgia State University, and has completed graduate work in Applied Economics at Eastern Michigan University.

DHX ELECTRIC MACHINES, INC. is an independent, closely-held startup company producing state-of-the-art, ultra-high torque density electric machines, incorporating the patented, proprietary micro-feature enhanced "Direct-Winding Heat Exchange" DWHX™ cooling system developed in MayorLab at the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech. The DWHX™ cooling system targets the cooling effect directly at the heat source, the stator windings, and with the micro-feature enhancement, effects are capable of removing up to 16 times the heat of conventional cooling systems. Consequently, the DHX® cooling system provides a 4 times increase in torque per volume that allows DHX electric motors to produce the same torque in 75% of the space of the conventional motor. DHX has industry-standard electromagnetic design FEA tools and custom multi-disciplinary design codes for rapid production development cycles, empowering DHX to develop custom, application-tailored motors to its customers.


Founded in 2014, DHX Electric Machines, Inc. was formed after the successful demonstration of the DWHX™ cooled 15kW ultra-high torque density electric motor, funded by the Georgia Research Alliance via Georgia Tech's VentureLab, which validated 10 years of research in the areas of micromanufacturing, liquid cooling technologies, portable power generation and electro-mechanical design at MayorLab. DHX relocated in 2015 from the Georgia Tech campus to Braselton, GA, moving into a 20,000 sq.ft production facility. Equiped with lean manufacturing cells, CNC machining centers, and coil production of motors sized up to 300kW. The company is in the early growth stage with motor offerings in vertical traction, HVAC compressor, power tools, and golf cart markets. DHX looks forward to entering areas of wind generation, and boating applications soon.


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