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The foundational DHX technology is the proprietary, patented micro-feature enhanced Direct-winding Heat Exchange cooling technology for totally-enclosed water-cooled electric machines, or TEWCs .  Existing cooling strategies in TEWCs have focused on water-jacket based systems, with the cooling occurring in the motor casing, or, more recently, direct-lamination where the flow channel is moved into the stator.  The DwHX cooling system targets the main source of heat – the slot heat caused by the windings – by placing the cooling flow channel adjacent to the windings in the center of the slot.  This placement substantially reduces the heat conduction paths in the stator, decreasing temperature gradients and enabling more compact cooling. The micro-feature enhancement effect increases the surface area and local fluid velocities in the cooling channel leading to a 25x improvement in cooling capability over standard flow channels.  Slot heat is proportional to current squared (I2) and torque is proportional to current (I), so 25x more cooling capability enables 5x more torque.  More Power. Less Motor ™

DHX Motors

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